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Scholarship "Spyros Georgaras"

The HSIOIRS Scholarship "Spyros Georgaras" was established in 2007 in honor of Prof. Sp. Georgaras, founding member of HSIOIRS.

Scholarship "Spyros Georgaras"

The Board of Directors of the Hellenic Society of Intraocular Implant and Refractive Surgery, following a proposal by the former President Mr. Vas. Tsigos, established in 2007 the HSIOIRS Scholarship “Spyros Georgaras” in honor of Prof. Sp. Georgaras, for its excellent, long-standing and multifaceted contribution to the community of ophthalmic surgeons.

The first Scholarship was awarded in February 2007 to Mr. Stergios Liapis, in 2008 to Mr. Georgios Kaparounakis, in 2009 to Mr. Georgios Kymionis, in 2010 to Mr. Konstantinos Samaras, in 2011 to Mr. Vassilios Liarakos, in 2012 to Mr. Dimitrios Bouzoukis and Michalis Tsatsos, in 2013 to Mr. Panagiotis Georgoudis, in 2014 to Mr. Vassilios Diakonis, in 2015 to Mrs. Sotiria Palioura and Konstantinos Tsaousis, in 2016 to Mr. Zisis Gatzioufas, Mr. Lambros Lambrogiannis and Mrs. Dimitra Portaliou, in 2017 (in another form) to Mr. Konstantinos Andreanos, Mr. Panagiotis Giannakouras, Mr. Nikolaos Kasimatis, Mr. Georgios Kontadakis and Mrs. Ioanna Metaxaki,

in 2018 to Mr. Argyrios Tzamalis and in 2019 was awarded to Mr. Michael Grentzelos.

Due to the extraordinary circumstances created by the COVID pandemic, the Scholarship was not awarded in 2020 & 2021.

In 2022, aiming to encourage independent research in the field of cataract and refractive surgery, HSIOIRS offered the “Spyros Georgaras” scholarship to support Greek ophthalmologists to conduct relevant clinical studies. The HSIOIRS Scholarship “Spyros Georgaras” for 2022 was awarded to Mr. Georgios Lampiris.

The “Spyros Georgaras” HSIOIRS Scholarship for 2023-2024 will be used to support the new, enriched with all modern tools, educational program of the Society for the benefit of all young ophthalmologists.