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HSIOIRS Sponsorship

The sponsorship is given for the training of young ophthalmologists in refractive surgery.

Training in refractive surgery

In 2017, with the completion of 10 years from the awarding of the first scholarship of HSIOIRS and the completion of a first cycle, the Board of Directors decided to change the orientation of the HSIOIRS Scholarship “Spyros Georgaras” for 2017, offering to five young Greek ophthalmologists the opportunity to train in refractive surgery for a period of 3 months with financial coverage of HSIOIRS, in ophthalmological centers in Greece. During the 31st Conference of the HSIOIRS, the Scholarship was awarded to Mr. Konstantinos Andreanos, Mr. Panagiotis Giannakouras, Mr. Nikolaos Kasimatis, Mr. Georgios Kontadakis and Mrs. Ioanna Metaxaki.

From 2018, the possibility for this three-month retraining is given by HSIOIRS to two young ophthalmologists in the framework of the new “HSIOIRS Sponsorship “.

The HSIOIRS Sponsorship was awarded for 2018 to Mr. Diamantis Almaliotis and to Mrs. Myrsini Petrelli, while for 2019 to Mrs. Maria Daravaga and Mr. Vassilios Nasikas.

The sponsorship in this form was given in 2018 and 2019 and since then remains inactive.