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  • The principle of operation of Rexon-Eye is QMR® Technology (QMR® Quantum Molecular Resonance).
  • The treatment is delivered by contact electrodes built in a mask, which is worn by the patient over closed eyes. The device setup is really easy and intuitive.
  • The therapy allows long-term benefits for the patient, which typically begins just after the treatment.
  • The therapy is successful for all types of dry eyes syndromes, both evaporative and aqueous deficient.
  • The therapy consists of 4 treatment sessions of 20 minutes each, at one week intervals.

Rexon-Eye® is a non-invasive device that provides durable treatment for all forms of dry eye syndromes.

It works by applying low-power high-frequency electric fields, capable of stimulating the metabolism and natural regeneration of cells. Rexon-Eye® treats the cause of the dry eye disease delivering long-term results. The instrument is successfully applied and highly appreciated worldwide by ophthalmologists and optometrists who treat dry eye patients at their practices, dry-eye centers or hospitals. The treatment addresses all types of the dry eye syndromes, both evaporative as well as aqueous deficient, as evidenced by published studies in several subjective and objective measurements. The operator only needs to select the power and the duration of the treatment, simply by turning a rotary knob and then pressing it to confirm. The benefits for the patient begin just after the treatment and have been shown to be long-term. The treatment itself is comfortable, pleasant and relaxing.

The principle of operation of Rexon-Eye is QMR® Technology which delivers weak alternate electric current patterns at frequencies (spectrum of frequencies ranging from 4 MHz to 64 MHz) that stimulate the natural regeneration of cells. QMR® is a Registered Trade Mark by Telea Electronic Engineering. For the Rexon-Eye mask we selected the best material to assure comfort and softness to the eyelid. The mask, containing the two electrodes to apply the treatment, has been carefully designed to guarantee the best ergonomics and comfort. Its shape is designed using a sophisticated software that analyzed a very wide sample of human faces from various ethnicities. The adjustable elastic band allows to adapt the mask position to different head sizes, in order to fit perfectly over the patient face.