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  • Visual Electrodiagnostic System. The only device that offers full ISCEV-compliant ERG testing in a completely portable device
  • Simple to use & interpret, Comprehensive, Patient friendly, non-invasive, – no corneal contact and dilation not required.
  • Quick (OD/OS in <5 minutes), fitting perfectly into the flow of entry tests and Independent of the special room and staff availability
  • Suitable for pediatric and non-compliant patients
  • ADVANCED TESTING FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS. RETeval features arbitrary wave forms and extended protocols, including: ISCEV compliant (5 and 6 step protocols), Flash VEP, S-Cone, On/Off, Photopic negative response (PhNR), Diabetic Retinopathy Assessment capability, Custom protocols to meet your specific needs
  • Color-coding of results makes it easy to determine by any operator which subjects are more likely to have a retinal issue.

The RETeval® device is opening up access to functional information through visual electrophysiology testing in a whole new way.

The device is the first completely portable, handheld, full field flash ERG and VEP testing device for medical professionals. Get the full picture of patient eye health with non-invasive, effective and reliable testing – leading to better patient care and outcomes. Perfect for pediatric patients and adults alike, the RETeval device offers valuable information for a more effective diagnosis and monitoring of vision-threatening diseases. Integrated age-adjusted normative data (reference intervals) provide valuable input to physicians to aid in the interpretation and assessment of patient test results. LKC’s trusted technology is ISCEV-compliant, FDA cleared, and CE marked. The device features an exclusive DR protocol to make testing for diabetic retinopathy fast, easy, and effective.

The device offers Integrated age-adjusted reference data and user interface available in 14 languages. Designed for use with LKC’s Sensor Strip electrodes for patient comfort. Recalibrates light levels at the beginning of every test to ensure long-term consistency of results. Operate Non-mydriatic testing by adjusting light levels based on pupil size with real-time pupillography. Customize protocols with sinusoidal, square, ramp, and brief-flash stimuli are available. It includes RFF Extractor tool for exporting cursor values, electrical and pupil waveforms and more. In-lane testing doesn’t require dedicated space in your space constraint facility. You can have immediate results on the device or in PDF report. Pediatric tests can be used without sedation. Common uses for full flash and flicker ERG tests: Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Central Retinal Vein Occlusion, Acquired and Inherited Retinal Diseases, Unexplained Vision Loss, Pediatric Nystagmus, Trouble Seeing in the Dark, Changes in Color Vision, Amblyopia etc.